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SAFE GANTRY Safe Gantry is a locally developed Self-service visitor management check-in station for the mandatory Safe Distancing & Safe Entry requirement by the government. Contact Us

Reduce Queues

The current manual method being used in public places involves 2 different employees manning the temperature taking process and ensuring visitors logs in to Safe Entry. This process is inefficient in handling the inflow of visitors causing a bottleneck at the entrance. This leads to unnecessary crowding and risk human to human virus transmission.

SafeGantry automates Safe Entry check-in and temperature taking into a stand-alone station, thus 1 employee can monitor multiple stations and only assist when needed, saving you manpower and eliminating crowding by expediting your check-in process.

Product benefit

Integrated with SafeEntry

Fully conform to the mandatory requirement of Safe Entry without having multiple stations (temperature taking station, NRIC scanning station)

Easy Deployment

Safe Gantry comes WIFI Ready, all you need is a power supply

Automated check-in

Fully automated check-in process without human interaction, reducing risk of staff contracting virus due to human contact

Easy verification

SafeGantry is easy to use as 1-2-3, visitors checking-in just need to step up to one of the station and scan their NRIC at the barcode scanner located below the device, temperature taken is automatic. In the event of fever, an alarm will ring to alert your staff.

Safe Entry-Friendly

With both NRIC and SafeEntry QR accepted, your visitors at your premises can use both options to check-in with Safe Entry. This way, you do not have to turn away anyone.

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